Pasta of the Month Club

Our Gourmet Monthly Pasta Dinner Club is a savory way to discover the wide world of pasta and sauce! One of the most easy-to-prepare foods in our pantry, a pack of pasta, along with a jar of sauce, a few little extras and a sprinkle of cheese, can be transformed into a gourmet dinner for four in as little as 10 minutes. Pasta is not only a delicious staple item, it is also a healthy source of energy. 

Monthly shipment contains approx. 2 packets of pasta, 2 sauces and extras. You may choose your first date of delivery below.

After you have submitted your subscription form we will email you with our bank account details and your reference number. Please make sure to transfer the entire amount of your subscription. ie a 3 month subscription is $89.99 

Plan Choices
3 month plan - $199.99
($39.99 per month)
6 month plan - $239.99
($39.99 per month)
12 month plan - $429.99
($35.83 per month)