Plan Choices
3 month plan - $199.99
($39.99 per month)
6 month plan - $239.99
($39.99 per month)
12 month plan - $429.99
($35.83 per month)

International Cheese of the Month Club

Waiheke Specialty Food have built a reputation for importing cheeses of the highest quality from around the world. Each month our cheese experts will introduce you to three exceptional cheeses, each hand cut in a convenient half pound portion. 

Whether we're showcasing three unique cheeses from a particular region of Italy, or giving a comparison of different artisan cheesemakers in France, you'll receive a world-class education in the best cheeses from around the world!

Give Cheese of the Month as a Gift
Cheese of the Month also makes a great gift for everyone from an aspiring cheese connoisseur to a well-versed cheese affineur. It’s a gift that keeps giving each month for as long as you want. The cheeses for each month can be used for many weeknight dinners, or all showcased on a cheese plate for a dinner party or wine-and-cheese get-together.

You can also choose the length of the club that best suits your needs. A three month subscription is a great way to get an introduction into the world of cheese. After three months of great cheese most our customers sign back up for our six and twelve month subscriptions. We also change our offerings every year, so there’s no fear of repeats if you re-enroll for an additional year or more!

Monthly shipment contains a mixed selection of international cheeses. You may choose your first date of delivery below.

After you have submitted your subscription form we will email you with our bank account details and your reference number. Please make sure to transfer the entire amount of your subscription. ie a 3 month subscription is $89.99